Visioning our Dream

Visioning our Dream

As mentioned in our previous post since buying the property we have spent a lot of time working on our vision and design of our property. Part of this has seen us explore some more long term planning strategies we can do from afar.

Inspired by a post Deirdre found  on the client design process (at permatechers) we sat down the other weekend and created a vision for our property. The idea is to write down everything you can think of without judgement and refine it later on.

This process saw us individually define our Vision, Wants, Priorities, Limitations, Personal Resources and Timescale. After completing this task individually we then sat down together to formulate our shared vision. Below is our shared vision.

VISION (a statement on what you see the property looking/functioning like)

Our vision is of a comfortable off-grid home that produces 50-75% of household food across the year. The home and property will be efficient, sustainable, organized and easy to maintain. There will also be multiple ways to engage with the property.

WANTS (anything and everything no matter how ambitions you want)

Animals (Chickens and Ducks originally. Possibly Goats, Pigs, Geese), Hot Tub, Work shed, Accessibility for older parents, Heated Greenhouse for subtropical and tropical plants, Water pond, Mini food Forest with Fruit Trees, Main Crop Garden Bed, Kitchen Garden with wicking beds, Herb bed, Fire wood source and supply, Multiple Sitting and Viewing Areas, Walking Trails, House, Studio, Comfortable Bus, Outdoor Kitchen, Wood Sheds, Cold Storage, Root Cellar, Cheese Cellar, Water Tanks, Water Harvesting system, Grey water system, Compost Bays, Air Bnb accommodation, Creek Bridges, Swales, Aquaponics, Wood fired oven, Rocket Stove, Poly Tunnels, Small Market Garden (?), Sunny, Compost Hot Water Shower

MOST IMPORTANT (what are you priorities, what do you want to focus on first and foremost)

 Comfortable (Bus, Studio, House)

Self-resilient (Power, Water, Food, Wood)

Gardens (Kitchen Garden, Herb Garden, Ponds, Chickens, food forest/orchard)

Relaxing Areas

Engagement on Multiple Levels

Enjoyment (both Work and Play)

Don’t want it to become a chore.

That we can do it

Sustainable and efficient

LIMITING FACTORS (what are your personal, emotional, mental, physical, financial limitations to your vision)


Not good at maintanence

Can easily disengages

Dog proofing against animals, gardens and wildlife

Moderate Skills



Too big a dream

Need a paid job


Sore back/ sore shoulder

Need to work a paid job

Itchy feet (tendency to rush)

Excitement waning

Easily frustrated

Limited skill set re: building

Too big a dream

PERSONAL RESOURCES (what skills do you have to bring to the vision, what skills to build on from)


Basic building skills (measure, saw, hammer, read designs)


Enjoy physically doing and making aspects

Persistent and resilent



Developing knowledge of plant species and gardening techniques

Basic building skills



Basic CAD design

Physically able to work in yard

Enjoy maintaining garden

TIMESCALE (how long do you envisage your vision/dream to take)

Will develop over time. General 5-10 year plan. By end of first year will have bus converted, kitchen garden built, chickens and be working on studio space.

ANYTHING ELSE (what other details about the site do you need to consider when creating your vision)

Minimal cleared space

West Facing property- presents problems with sun

Property slopes upwards from house pad

Council regulations re: bushfire hazard zone, house plans and approval, grey water system sign off

Accessibility for builders/ plumbers/ electrician etc etc etc- we are off the main road on a dirt reserve road, limiting accessibility

So there you have it our vision for our property. All up it took 30-45 minutes to complete. Not too long in the scheme of things.

It’ll be interesting to look back on this in 5 years time to see how accurate our vision and what has changed.

If you are interested in other permaculture visioning approaches Milkwood Permaculture has another approach here.


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