Rust, Rust, Rust (and first frame!): Days 9,10,11

As the title says Thursday, Friday and Saturday were mostly spent dealing with one nasty, flaky, brown four letter thing: rust.

After the excitement of Wednesday’s new floor purchase Thursday was spent scrubbing the bus with a fine wire brush and steel wool. The beams along the windows, the side walls, and the roof. We both set to scrubbing back as much of the rust as we could in order to prepare the bus for some rust killer and rust guard paint.


Deirdre painstakingly scrapping away the paint and rust.

Halfway through the day, as we were scrubbing the steel paneling that connected the floor to the wall beam, Deirdre suggested that we could remove them as it would make attaching the flooring easier. We initially thought they were part of the frame but on closer inspection realised they weren’t. After a brief discussion the angle grinder was brought out yet again and an hour later we had the whole floorboards exposed. Revealing another job to be completed: removing and fixing up rotten floorboards.


The side steel paneling that was removed.


Some of the rotten floor boards, ready to be cleaned up for replacing.

By 4 we had had enough and so we went to town for a shower, laundry, a run for Oscar and Yoda in the dog park and to pick up some foil board (polystyrene insulation). We put the insulation on the roof and headed home. All was going well until the insulation blew in the wind and split in half on the roof! Yes, polystyrene insulation is very light and needs to be secured on all 4 sides. After a bit of cursing, we collected it from the side of the road and headed home, angry out ourselves for our stupidity. Oh well, lesson learnt.

If Monday and the backseat was a bastard of a day then Friday was boring. Whilst Deirdre began rust guarding the frame I took a hammer and a chisel to the rotten floor boards, chipping them out ready for replacing.


The floorboard holes from above cleaned out and ready for replacement section of wood.

Saturday begun frustratingly. Having purchased some timber to build our first frame I had started the day excited about the prospect of getting out the new mitre saw and cutting myself some wood. It wasn’t to be so easy: the instructions were all pictures with no words. So I spent an hour cursing trying to get the machine put together until Deirdre helped and calmly worked through it with me.

Deirdre then went back to painting the bus frame whilst I cut the first bits of wood for the frames. I then assembled them nailing the rectangle that should precisely fit into the frame. Of course the frame was 10 mm to long. I’d failed to take heed of every carpenters advice: measure twice cut once.


First cuts! Dust flying away!


First frame.

After lunch I fixed up the frames and then tested the new frames out. They fitted!!!! It was then time to help Deirdre with priming and top coating the frame. By 7 (including breaks for the paint to dry) we’d finished rust proofing the bus and were finally ready for the construction phase of the conversion.


The bus this morning, paint dry and ready for the construction phase.


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