Roofing, shelving and (still more) mulching: days 30-35

So with the extra trees chopped down we woke up on Saturday to a sunny bus with piles off branches surrounding it. We figured instead of moving the logs first this time we would leave them for another day and tackle the branches. Over the course of  Saturday we mulched our way through about 10 or so wheelbarrow loads. I also had a go at debarking some of the larger stringy bark trunks that had been left intact. These would be used for fencing around the place and in a future car port over the bus.


Slowly debarking a stringy bark. The pole will hopefully be used for the car port we are putting over the bus.

Sunday we intended to do some more mulching but the mulcher wouldn’t start for a good 20 minutes or so. When Deirdre finally did get it started it kept on jamming. Deirdre had had enough so we decided to call it quits for the day and head into the market. After our usual fruit and veg run we pulled into the markets in Ranelagh and perused the craft stalls there. Our eyes were drawn to a set of reupholstered kitchen chairs. As we walked around the market we kept coming back to the chairs and decided to purchase ourselves some stools.


Our new chairs awaiting a home.

On Monday we headed up to Hobart to pick up my other brother, Shane, who was coming down to help us out for two weeks. Not wanting to waste an opportunity we fitted in a visit to Bunnings, checking out sinks for the kitchen and vinyl flooring for the study. We also grabbed some extra paint in preparation for painting the roof and study and some foam expanda to fill those gaps around the window frames and windows.

After our slow shop we meet up for lunch in Hobart city centre and then headed back to Lucaston. In what is now becoming a Foyster tradition an hour after being on the block it started bucketing down with rain. Shane was eager to get on with some work so he and Deirdre set to finishing off the front bookcase and desk.


Shane straight to work finishing off the bookcase and desk in the Study.

I used the opportunity the rain was offering to dig a small trench to divert some of the rain off our driveway. It was wet and muddy work but I was kind of enjoying digging and watching the direction of the water change as I went along. All things going to plan and this trench will become a french drain leading to a small dam/pond on our property.

Tuesday it was still drizzly and overcast. With the front desk finished Shane and I got stuck into working on the front overhead storage area. Since we’d dismantled the bus, and saw the perspex window in the centre, I had envisaged an open ended bookcase going there. Something that would let in light whist showcasing the books to the outside.

To do this we measured the front beam and cut this to size. We screwed this in place and then I set out to work out the cross beams. After much trial and error (4 separate lengths were cut) I decided the best way to work it was to screw beams on to the steel upright and wedge these in to the fibreglass just under the window. Once these were in place I then cut plywood for the shelf and Shane and I nailed it into place.


Putting our brains together to work out how to make the bookcase.

Whilst we were working on the front bookcase Deirdre went around expand foaming the gaps we had previously left. It was kinda freaky stuff the way it bulged and grew as the air meet it and it dried out. I know it freaked Shane out a little!


Coming soon, expand foam cones for you!

After working on the front shelf we set to completing the rest of the front overhead section. These we decided would be covered by hinged doors and become storage cupboards. We followed the same process working on the front, then side before putting on the plywood. We ended the day with the front and sides completed and the plywood to go on in the morning.


Utilising the new study at night. Much more comforting then sitting outside in the wind and rain. It also doubles up as our card table in the evening.

Wednesday and Thursday we spent working on the roof. When Dad, Greg and Sophie had been here we had devised a system to work out the side curved roof panels. Using this method we spent most of Wednesday afternoon cutting each panel to shape and putting them into place. It was then that the hard work begun. Two people held the roof panels in place whilst the other drilled and screwed the panel to the steel frame. It was tiring work on the shoulders leaving us sore. (Who needs to do lats when you can hold roof panels!)


Shane at work finishing off drilling the second roof panel in place.


Deirdre and Shane posing to illustrate how the curved roof panels were put in place.

Thursday morning we got back into finishing off the side roof panels. Following the same process as the previous day we measured, cut, held in place (with tiring arms and shoulders) and drilled and screwed. By late morning we had all the side roof panels up bar one. The panels being smaller the work was a little quicker.


Working on the last drivers side roof panel. The one over the fireplace is being left at the moment until the fire place is ready to go in.

With the side panel finished Deirdre and myself headed into town to pick up extra mdf sheets for the centre roof panels. We also decided to grab some thicker ply wood in preparation for our future furniture making. After lunch we set to painting the underside and measuring the panels.

Slowly and surely we worked up a good process and soon had one, then two, then three roof panels up. Our arms and shoulders were killing but the central panels were a little easier as they didn’t need bending as much. We also did not have as many panels to complete as we needed to leave the central roof space free in the bedroom as this would be where a down light and the drivers for the led strips would be wired into.


Working on the central roof panelling. Deirdre is painting the underside to stop condensation whilst I work at measuring the piece to size.

Friday, after putting the last panel up, I got to have a day off to study whilst Deirdre and Shane worked on finishing the roof in the front bookcase and cutting out templates for the side windows – the fiddly jobs, ones that I’m not always the best at. The afternoon was spent mulching until the mucher started jamming again and we called it quits early and headed into town for a shower. We celebrated the end of the week and our roofing success with dinner and music down at the local cidery!


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