The bus gets a lick of colour: days 36-48

So it’s been awhile since I last posted. The bus has been gaining momentum again and we’ve been caught up in this world. To catch up with all that’s been going on I thought it’s best to share some pictures of the bus and it’s transformation over the past two weeks. So here we go: photo post #2.


Deirdre at work adding a window sill to the back wall. Turned out to be trickier then we thought. It took Deirdre and myself 6 attempts at making templates and cutting out the wood with the jigsaw before we got something that was okay.


Something that worked the first time. The air vent in the wall where the wood heater goes. After attaching the wall I drilled the four corners and using the japanese saw cut from corner to corner. A quick sand brought it back to line and the first niche in the bus was created.


Deirdre working those forearms as she paints the roof in it’s undercoat.


Deirdre and Shane at work finishing off the cutting in and roof undercoat.


The wall after the first coat. The colour is flour dust in case anyone is wondering.


Another view of the painted bus. The gap in the roof is being left as an access point for the electricians to run lights into.


Oscar enjoying the new shelf as he chases after a native bee.


After decking out the front area we decided that for easy access to the front seat we would need a platform for the wood heater to sit. After much debate and different attempts at designs this is the base of the wood heater.


The wood heater is finished. The base was made out of excess 35 x 90 pieces of wood that were the old bus bed. The top is a 17mm piece of ply that we got for the back window sill and furnishings.


With the walls complete and the wood heater platform made we were now able to lay the floor.


Deirdre laying out the first of the underlay. We started at the back as this was the widest point to begin from.


The first bit of flooring in place. Fairly easy if you follow the instructions that came with the kit. We thought we would quicken the process up by cutting the boards to the same length and working back from each end. It was more complex than needed and looks to joined.


Cutting the pieces to complete the bedroom part of the floor.


Laying the floor the instructed way. It was kind of addictive once a rhythm was found and we were


The floor at the halfway stage.


The floor in the back complete. At this stage we have finished 3/4 of the floor with some final parts to go.


2 thoughts on “The bus gets a lick of colour: days 36-48

  1. Wow, this takes me back! We lived off grid in an old bus on our property while we built our house. With 3 kids.. Your bus looks like the same vintage as ours. We still have it and now our grandchildren play in it!


    • Hi Joceyln, sorry for the delayed reply just catching up on some admin now :). It’s nice to know that people have done it before and succeeded with it. Is the bus still livable? I think it would be great as a kid to play in.


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