The bus gets some furniture part 2

Once the bed had been finished it was time to begin constructing our next piece of furniture. Following the theme of comfort we settled on the couch as the next piece to be built. Again we went with a design from Ana White. The design we choose was for a rolling cubby. With the slight difference that we would remove the wheels so it sat in the one spot. As fun as it may be to roll around on a couch it’s just a little impractical in a skinny bus!

The reason we went with this design was that it provided extra storage for us. A common but important theme that we are using for our furniture design. It also meant that we could perfect our techniques learnt from the bed as the cubby for the couch were similar to those of the bed.

Again the first thing to was to cut the wood to lengths. This provided a little bit of a challenge as the height of the design was smaller than the height of the couch we were wanting to construct. We researched and came to the conclusion that the sitting height for the couch should be 46 cm’s. Knowing that we would be adding cushions to the couch we worked back from this height and figured out the best height for the dividers was 41 cm. With the height worked we cut the dividers and  top and bottom like below.


The plywood cut to length.

The pieces cut we then assembled the cubby in much the same way as with the bed. That is:

  1.  Drill the pocket holes on the three ends/dividers.
  2. Attach the two end pieces to the bottom and drill them into place.
  3.  Measure centre for middle dividers.
  4. Attach top to the ends.
  5. Insert middle divider in between
  6. Screw middle divider in place.

Assembling the cubby. Marking out the middle so we can easily line up the divider.

As those who remember the previous post may have noticed this process is slightly different to the bed cubby’s. Having made the mistake of putting the divider in the middle before the top we altered the approach this time with much better results. The divider lined up better, it was easy to tap into place and it was fairly square.


The cubby almost perfectly square, an improvement on our bed cubby’s.

With the cubby made it was time to then paint before assembling it in situ in the bus. To paint the couch we went with a stain, this time a darker maple water based stain. The idea being to add some richer colour and contrast into the bus. The darker stain also suited the charcoal material that we had purchased to make the cushions from.


The cubby stained and ready for the splash of colour.

Whilst I stained the couch Deirdre got out the sewing machine and set up a make shift sewing centre in the bus using an off cut of ply and the saw horses as the table. She then sewed the couch covers top and bottom and a couple of floor cushions. The cushions having been brought from Clark Rubber when last in town.


Deirdre and her make shift sewing centre.

After the staining the couch I realised that the couch cubby still needed some extra colour. We had some sample pots, that had been purchased to paint the interior door which we weren’t going to use. So I decided to paint a couple of the cubby’s blue and green.


The cubby three coats later waiting for the back to be added on.

With the couch painted and the cushions made it was then time to assemble it. Shifting the cubby into the bus we screwed the back into place, added the cushions and had ourselves a new couch for the bus!


Adding the back to the couch.


Relaxing on our new couch! The bus is starting to become a home now!


3 thoughts on “The bus gets some furniture part 2

  1. Adding storage to all of the furniture that you are making is a great idea and gives you so much more surface area for your buck. I have to say, I think the dog wants to go out ;). It’s exciting being able to see how you guys are stripping out and then building up your bus/abode from scratch. It’s exciting our wanderlust no end. Another excellent blog post.


    • Thanks. Glad the blog is making you have wanderlust. Yeah the extra storage space will come a godsend I imagine once everything is in. Oscar, the dog, wants to go chase the paddy melons in that photo.

      Liked by 1 person

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