Our Bathroom becomes a room

Water has been a bit of a theme this month. From the constant drizzle to the trickling water along our driveway trench with been inundated by water this month. This them runs through the work we’ve been busy with. Deirdre on the bathroom, myself on landscaping one of the slopes to divert some water runoff. We’ll get to the landscaping in a later post- when it’s complete- but for now let’s turn the spotlight on the Bathroom.



Part of the reason we purchased the site was that not only did it have the bus that we could turn into a home but there was also a bathroom with running water. This would make it easy to work on site. And it did. We could brush our teeth, fill water, go to the toilet without leaving the block. As the photo’s below show though the bathroom was never complete. The open walls whilst fine in summer would never do come winter. The plan had always been to work on insulating the bathroom walls and roof once we had finished the bus. This we were hoping to happen in April, however as previous post have alluded to the timeframe was delayed a little and so we have only really started on the build this month.



Part of the bathroom before we began work.


Deskinning and decluttering

First we finished removing all the bamboo screening that had been installed as walls. Leaving the walls exposed as you can see below.


Skin removed revealing a frame with too big a gap.

We then set about pulling every piece of furniture including shelving, sink, shower base. The later two being replaced as the sink was filthy and filled with wet animal hair and droppings in the plumbing and the shower base didn’t flow properly.


With the room back to a bare frame we added some extra joists and struts to the walls. This we felt was needed to support the plasterboard and hold in the Earthwool insulation batts.


Adding extra struts to the wall frame. In hindsight too many were added and the added beams should have been vertical not horizontal.

As we were also adding a ceiling into the room we also set about adding some joists to the roof. This were quick and easy to install with some brackets and some screws.


Adding roof beams for the ceiling we are going to install

Again with the joists in we added some extra beams to strengthen the roof and give us more places to fix the ceiling plasterboard too.


The bathroom framed and ready for insulation.


With the walls and roof framed it was then time to move onto insulating the bathroom. we chose Earthwool as the insulation this time as it was partly made from recycled bottled. Deirdre set about cutting and installing the insulation whilst I worked away on some landscaping. Our over zealousness with the wall struts made this a more time consuming task that it needs to be but the bathroom was installed relatively quickly.


Once we had insulated one wall we added our first few panels. We had chosen 10mm wet area plasterboard for the walls with 10mm dry plasterboard for the roof. After watching some videos online we set about installing the wall plasterboard. First we cut the plasterboard to the right height and then after adding some glue we put the plasterboard in place. One of us then held the plasterboard in place whilst the other nailed the beams around the edges. We then added some small sections of plasterboards screwed in the struts to hold the walls in place whilst the glue set.


Insulation and first bit of wall in. Busy measuring and marking where to put the glue.


The trickiest part of the wall insulation: working around the toilet.


The walls in it was time to turn our hand to plumbing. More accurately it was time for Deirdre to turn her hand to plumbing. First up was levelling the shower base. Deirdre did this by making a frame and then using some levelling concrete to set on the floor. After two attempts- the first batch was too wet- she was able to get the floor to set. This was left overnight and the next day we installed our new shower base.

Next up was the sink. We had picked up an old pedestal sink from the tip shop cheaply. The plan was to install it to the wall. We thought this would be relative easy but it wasn’t. The local hardware didn’t have any brackets that fitted and neither did Bunnings in Hobart. Luckily the local hardware direct us to a plumber supplier nearby and they we able to find an old set of brackets.

Brackets in hand we attach the brackets to the wall at about 900 high. We lifted up the sink and it fitted. Then it was time to hit up the hardware again and get a quick plumbing lesson. Armed with S and P bends, flexi fittings and pipe elbows Deirdre set up the plumbing and we connected it up.


Our new sink with Deirdre’s handiwork.

With the sink in it was time for Deirdre to turn her hand to the shower. In the rush of cleaning we’d inadvertently thrown out the original shower missing tap and so we had to purchase another one. Deirdre spent most of the morning attempt to install the piping for the new mixer but without proper means to bend the copper wire it was decided it would be easier to call in a professional and so a plumber was called.


Deirdre working out how to fix the shower mixer. We weren’t successful in fixing this and so called in the plumber.


With all the walls, base and plumbing done it was time for the ceiling. Much as with the bus this turned out to be the hardest part to install. The original plan was to install each of the 3m plasterboard pieces 1 by 1. This proved to be too hard to manoeuvre so we cut them to shorter length. We attempt to install one piece unsuccessfully. Eventually we cut it shorter and we were able to lift it and attach. Using clamps we on one end and one person holding we screwed it into place. Over the course of the afternoon we then installed the rest of the roof pieces.


Adding the roof ceiling, the clamps a needed extra pair of hands.

We even made sure to put a whole for the light to come through.


Ceiling and shower screen installed.

Next up we need to fix all the gaps and then start painting. After that it’s lights and exhaust fan. Hopefully by the end of the month we will have it complete.


One thought on “Our Bathroom becomes a room

  1. There is no stopping you and lucky for that as this autumn is rapidly turning into a wet and cold winter and having a snugly insulated bathroom can only be a brilliant reward for all of that hard work. I didn’t know you got the bus with the property (or the bathroom). That was a handy buy indeed. Loving this series of tutorials and life lessons. 🙂


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