Bathroom done, now onto some landscaping

So in the last post I wrote about the work that we, well mainly Deirdre, had been doing on the bathroom. This week I’m writing to celebrate the fact that we have pretty much completed the bathroom and now once more able to have showers at home. I say pretty much completed as there are a few more pieces of furniture/shelving to build but they are on-going projects.What follows is a rundown



We were fortunate enough have a pile of timber left on the property when we moved here. whilst it has been annoying to deal with the mess of it all it has given some free timber. And with some of them being slabs provides for more interesting aesthetic. Looking through our pile we selected a piece of timber and cut it into two 1000mm pieces. I belt sanded this and then added a few coats of varnish. A couple of brackets on the wall and we had ourselves a set of shelves.


The two shelves in the still to be completed bathroom.

Hook rack

Deirdre found the design for this on Ana Whites website. The original design had a piece wood on which a rail was hang. We had intended to go with this design but after looking at the state of the leftover rail we had that plan was shelved. Instead we went with the piece of wood with some hooks attached to it. The wood we chose was the same oak that we had on kitchen bench top. All up- minus the painting time- it took about 20 minutes to cut the wood, put it up and add the hooks.


Hooks ready.

Shower rail

As mentioned in the last post Deirdre and to redo the shower base. This meant that we had to redo the shower curtain rail. We tossed up a number of different ideas eventually settling on the idea of 2 900mm pieces of shower rod. The rods were attached to each other using a copper junction. This junction was then attached with a piece of chain off the roof.


Copper piping adding a bit of bling to the bathroom.


As the bathroom is outside we needed a little protection from the weather so we built an awning on the bathroom. A task that was surprisingly easy to do. First we attached some 600x 600 brackets to the bathroom at 900mm intervals, taking extra effort to make sure they were level.

We then added three lengths of treated pine to these brackets. This was added to create a better frame to attach the laser light. The frame on it was then time to attach the sheets of laser light. These sheets we had repurposed from the old generator shed on our property. This was attached with some tech screws. All up it was a mornings work and we had some much needed bathroom shelter.


Front view of the awning.


Awning side view. The yellow will be going come spring.


To personalise the bathroom Deirdre added a few finishing touches by way of some pictures, flowers and a calendar. Transforming the room as you can see in the two photos below.


Before. The bathroom when we arrived.


Bathroom now.


Another picture of the bathroom now.

With the bathroom now complete and functional we have started to move onto landscaping around the bus. Our next project being to build a deck from pallets for the bus. We’ll be putting our awning skills to the test as well by putting one up off the bus.