Pallet Island, (crab)apple guild, Dog Run

So whilst things have been a little slow on the blog front it’s been busy here. With the lengthening days we’ve been plodding along getting the garden ready for , completing a dog run, purchasing plants, planning the yoga studio and working full time to pay for all of this. (Deirdre’s Dad is coming to help put the frame up at the end of October so we have to have the footings and floor done by then.)

This post then is a little bit of a catch up of some of the things we’ve been busy doing. Firstly there’s a step by step on the Pallet Island we created out the front of the deck. Then a couple of photos of our apple guild and finally a photo of the dog run that Deirdre completed and worked on.


As written before we had purchased some pallets to construct a deck. the pallets didn’t work for the deck and so we had 4 painted pallets waiting to be reused. After a few days of the pallets sitting there we decided to construct a pallet deck. Set out the front of the decking it would be our island floating in a sea of grass.

To construct the Island we set about repeating the process for the deck. That is set out some footings, some bearers and then sit the pallets on top. As you can see from the series of photos below. We forwent digging the posts and just set them on the ground. Our rationale being that because the deck was only a few hundred mm’s off the ground that we didn’t need to dig the posts in so deep.


Setting the first of the bearers and posts.


Setting the middle posts one footing at a time.

Also with the ground sloping in multiple directions it would be too difficult to work out the various heights needed. Of course though we still needed level posts and so using some gravel we levelled the ground and cut each length of post to the right height and then using a set of clamps we bolted the bearers to the posts creating a level area for the pallets.


Half down. Deirdre busy marking out the footings for the last two pallets.

We set up two pallets to test that we had it right and then set about doing the other half.


Deirdre relaxing at the end of the day.


Oscar and Yoda relaxing on their new day bed.


To add some extra colour to the garden we purchased a crab apple tree as an ornamental feature for our front section. A Japanese Crab Apple with pink and white flowers. Under this we have planted out some yarrow, comfrey, chives, chamomile and white, black and red currants.




Whilst I’ve been at work Deirdre has been busy building a dog run. 9 months in and finally Oscar and Yoda get their own space (and we get our own as well.) The frame of the run is made from some timber we had on site with some chook wire around it. The blue bin is a old washing liquid drum picked up from a spot in Cygnet. It acts as a water catchment for the two boys catching the water off the roof. The white net is an old veggie netting adding after Oscar cleared the fence one day whilst waiting for his dinner.