Yoga studio part 2: frame up

It’s been a busy few weeks here on the block. At the end of October Deirdre’s Mum, Mary, and Dad, Hugh, came down for a weeks visit to help with the construction of the yoga studio. In the lead up to the visit Deirdre and I set expectations to get the frame up by the end of the week. As this post shows we were well off. The four walls were up by the Saturday and by the end of the week we had the yoga studio water tight. This post focuses on the frame; the next on the roof.

  1. Revising the plan

As the previous post showed we spent a lot of time planning and ordering timber for the frame. When it come to building the frame we thought we were set. We weren’t though. Have talking to Hugh we realised that our uprights for the frame were too far apart. This was easily remedied by adding in some more uprights. It would mean more wood but for the strength of the structure it would be worth it. With the new design set we begun the construction.

2.  Setting the frame

We chose to construct the west frame first as this would fit snugly on the floor footing when constructing it. To begin by marking a rectangle with the top and bottom and two sizes, as you can see Mary and Hugh. With the outer rectangle created it was then time to add the joists and window (more on this below in point 3). After much discussion we set gaps of 390-400mm.

This same process was taken for each of the wall. The outer frame built, any window or door set and then joists added at the desired gap. Each wall was constructed on the floor and then moved aside when finished so we could work on the next wall.


Hugh and Mary working on the corners of the first frame.


The first frame built and resting on the ground waiting to put up.

3.    Setting the Windows and Door

This was relatively easy step. The process was to decide the placement of the window or door and lay this on the floor inside the frame (you can see this in the photo below). We would then construct the support frame around this. The window would then be removed from the frame leaving a space for the windows and door to be inserted when the frame was up in place.

In the case of the windows we also added some extra support on the side of the window. This acted as point ti attach the window to the frame but also a result of the fact that our second hand windows had a overhanging top and bottom bases that needed filling out.


Framing the front. The door was put in place and the frame built around it. A similar process was used for the windows on the East and West side of the building


Testing the door. The last of the frames is now complete.

4.  Putting the frame up

So the four walls were constructed on the Thursday and Friday. Come Saturday morning we were ready to put the four walls up and attach them to each other. We begun with the East Side, the tallest and heaviest frame. This was lifted up onto the frame and then slid across into place. When it was plumb we added some braces at both ends to hold it whilst we worked on the other three sides.

The same process was followed for three shorter walls. With each wall being added and made plumb with the previous wall. With the four walls up and braced we then attached the walls to floor, screwing them down in place and screwing them to each other.


Putting the first of the wall frames in place. Deirdre and her Mum doing the hard work.


A moment of celebration! All 4 walls fit in place and stand  with bracing.


A happy framing crew at the end of 3 days building.

In 45 minutes of work we managed to get the frame up and braced and supporting itself independently. In a little over two days we had built a frame. With that down it was time for the roof and to put the windows in.