Yoga Studio 4: Interior

It’s been a while between posts. A family wedding in Victoria, Xmas, New Years and celebrating a year in Tassie has taken up a bit of time of late. Before, some more reflective posts on what did and didn’t work in 2016, I thought it would be time to get up to step with the yoga studio. So without further ado yoga studio part 4: the interior (yes there will be a part 5 too!)

Yoga Studio 4: Interior

So when last here it was early November and the studio was water tight. With us both working things slow down a little over that month. We still worked away on the studio with a spent  insulating the wall and roof in preparation for the next big job: the wall panels and roof. A task that we had planned to be tackled when my sister Mandy and her partner Jon came to visit at the end of the month.

Installing the wall

First point of attack was the wall. We had pre-ordered some 12mm interior plywood as our wall and roof panels. The wood came in 2400 x 1200 sheets. With the eastern at 2400 high the sheets were perfect to fit for that side and so we started there working our way from the window to the door.

We put up the first piece and made it, what we thought was straight, and screwed in the four corners (a precautionary trick in case we needed to re-adjust.) We put up the second piece and realised that the uprights weren’t perfectly straight and there was a slight raise of a millimetre or two in the floor. Not much of a difference, but enough to prevent the corner of the wall from sliding into it’s correct place.

After an hour of sanding back, cutting, taking and putting up the sheet of ply we managed to get the second piece in place and were then ready to tackle the rest of the wall.


The first wall completed.

With the first wall in it was time to tackle the second wall, the western wall. Again we worked back from the window trying to minimise the cuts to the wood as we went. Slowly but surely we put up the second wall- leaving the section under the window for last- and then set to the front and the back walls.

This was a little tricker as we needed to get the angle right.For the back wall we knew that two boards were need so we measured the height at the start and end of each board and drew a diagonal line across the. I then cut the board with the circular saw and then we tried them in place. The board fitted well. The process was followed for the second board and we had our third wall up.

Then it was time for the front. The same process was followed as for the back wall, although with the gap for the door this meant a second cut for length as well. We then filled out around the windows and over the doors. Two days of work and we had the walls internally clad.


Jon and Mandy busy working on the western wall.

The roof

Walls up we begun the next day attacking the roof. We’d prepped the roof by adding some extra beams as support to nail into. With these beams in place it meant that all we had to do was lift up the wood into place- making sure to line up one side with the wall- and then drill them into place. Easy right?

Well yes and no. We decided to start at the high end. We measured and cut and then using a combination of Jon’s height and Mandy on a ladder we were able to get the first piece in place. Only to find out that the measurements were wrong and that in needed to be in a different place.

After sorting this out we got back on the ladder and lifted the board in place. Screwing into the corners and then the side until it was supporting itself. We then worked through the same process for the other three pieces, slotting them into the gap left, lining up the edges and screwing them in place. As the photo below shows some of them needed some fine tuning with the sandpaper but by early afternoon we had it finished.


Team Canada fine tuning the roof panel for a nice tight fit.

Desk and Book Shelf

The interior walls and panelling done it was time to finish off the studio with some flooring, a desk and shelves. The flooring we went for was the same floating floorboards we had used in the bus. Over the course of a day we had the floor in and completed. Next we moved onto the desk.

For this we used some 1800 by 600 wide pine boards as the top. Utilising some of the storage boxes we had had from our old bed (the custom bed we built had become a spot for damp air to collect and was recently replaced by an ikea bed) as legs we soon had an L shape desk along the back wall. Above this some smaller panels of pine were turned into shelves to cover the back wall. The studio was now pretty much complete on the inside and ready for part 5: cladding.


Floor, shelves and desk in. Completed and ready for a chair.


Looking out to the garden. Some work is still need on cornices and moulding but the room is up and ready.