Winterproofing pt 3: ‘double glazing’

This is the third and final post in the winter proofing series. The first two focused on the bus roof. This time we shift the focus back into the bus and look at our attempt at ‘double glazing’ the windows. The photos below are mixture of the process but give an idea of what we did. In reality we added some plastic to the windows. A side not when we check out the block in 2015 the previous owners mentioned covering the windows with bubble wrap in winter.

For aesthetic reasons we chose a slightly different option instead purchasing some heat shrink plastic through a company in Melbourne. A more expensive option then bubble wrap but worth it we feel. And to be honest not that expensive. All up the double sided tape and plastic for all 13 windows of the bus cost us around $250.


Deirdre attaching the double sided tape around the back window.



Cutting back the window to size. You will notice that on the aluminium window edge is a rubber tubing. Our rationale for this being that the rubber will insulate the window frame and stop any cold air and condensation building up between the window and the double glazing.


The front window after being blow dried. 



Looking out of the lounge window. 

So that’s a quick photo overview of the process. Of all the windows on the bus the front was the hardest to do as these had no real window sill. Therefore there was less room to creating the insulation and air gap that is needed to double glaze. The windows probably could be pretty and it’ll be interesting to see how it handles the middle of winter but so far we haven’t had to wipe down the windows much and we’ve yet to have any mould. Hopefully it stays that way.

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