We are Scott and Deirdre, a qualified teacher and registered nurse. Both originally from country Victoria we meet in Alice Springs in 2010. Since then we’ve moved multiple times living in different towns and states. From suburban Mandurah in WA to remote Borroloola in the NT and to our current home at Kupungarri (Mt Barnett) in the Kimberely’s WA.

Sustainability and self reliance has been on our radar for a long time. We have been gradually building up skills and know-how out of both interest and necessity. Living in remote locations has forced us to not rely on the supermarket around the corner. Enabling us to find diy alternatives to household products. Such as homemade crackers and cheese, sourdough bread and deodorant, to name a few.

Without the distractions that city life brings, living remotely helps clarify what you really want out of life. With that clarity, and Scott’s ignited passion of a recently completed permaculture course, we decided to purchase a bush block in Tasmania.

In April 2015 we travelled down to Tassie and checked out a few properties, There was lots of to-ing and fro-ing deciding if we were doing the right thing – no job lined up, high unemployment in Tassie, restricted savings, cold weather and no friends. We finally decided that you just had to do it. It was never going to be handed to us. We just had to plunge ourselves into the deep end.

We decided on a 16 acre forested block just outside of Lucaston. It’s appeal being it had a bus that we could live in and we would be mortgage free. Back in the Kimberley we set to negotiating a price and finally took ownership of the land in early July 2015.

Since then there has been lots of Googling, planning (graph paper, balsa wood, Sketch up) and books purchased. We swing between being excited and being overwhelmed. We certainly don’t have all the answers on how to live off the grid or how to live sustainably.  But we’ll give it a go. We are bound to make lots of mistakes along the way, but that’s part of the journey.

We hope to document our trials and tribulations, hoping others can learn from our experiences or add their knowledge to ours. Don’t be afraid to offer advice or share your experiences we need all the help we can get!

Hope you enjoy the story of us and our two dogs learning to live off grid.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Good on you for taking the plunge.. We live on the East Coast of Tassie, and have recently purchased a bus to put on out semi rural bush block. Purchased so recently, it is still in the shed at the local bus company awaiting us getting the access to the block ready.. Very exciting.. We have not even begun to start plans for the interior yet, but have become familiar with living in limited space. It will be our GO TO place for now, but eventually hope to live there, once all established.. we do have a few little complications with our block, but hope to be able to get around such issues.. I look forward to following your progress.. Kylie and Paul .


    • Hi Kylie,
      That sounds like an exciting prospect for you. Hope you are able to sort out your access issues so you can get started on your project. We are lucky that our block has a reserve road to it and that the license to use that road was transferable. Hope you find our conversion helpful and learn from our mistakes. Let us know if you find any tips or ideas for your conversion.


  2. I look forward to following your progress. I am a remote nurse west of Alice. We have bought an acreage in the south midlands with a small cottage on it. We are still working in WA and travelling to Tassie at every opportunity. Hope it all goes well and we can learn from your ventures. Thanks Paul and Agnes


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