The Bus

Is a former school bus from 1963. Driven onto the land a decade ago by the previous owners it now sits idly on the property.

bus side  bus

It was the previous owners accommodation for the 3 years they lived there. Currently it is kitted out with a futon bed, a couch, a wood fire and a small table. The bare necessity really.

IMG_2853   IMG_2854

The plan is to convert the bus into something more comfortable. A space that will have a bedroom, kitchen, study and living area. It will be a learning curve but it will be our home for the next few years (whilst we save for a house) so we may as well make it comfortable!

4 thoughts on “The Bus

  1. A belated Happy Christmas, guys! May 2016 bring you everything you hope for in your new adventure. Looking forward to the updates on the bus conversion. Be safe in your travels. Love Jacinta x


    • Hey Jacinta, Sorry for the delayed response. And sorry we were unable to catch up in Melbourne, it’s such a busy time of year. How is your year starting off? I’m looking forward to meeting Derek, I hope it’s sooner rather than later. Hope all is going well with you both. Take care Deirdre


  2. Looks awesome! Where in Tassie is it? May i make a suggestion that the kitchen goes nearest the door? Easier to chuck out something burning, let kichen smells escape or if you are in bed and someones rattling around right next to you with teaspoons and the like it can be annoying.. thats me anyway. We have lived in a bus too…. she now is a guest room. Such a great space!!


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