The two dogs


Both Oscar and Yoda are Kimberley camp dogs. Indigenous Australians have a long history with dogs and a camp dog is generally speaking a dog from an Indigenous community or town camp.

They both come into our lives in September/October 2013. Scott had moved to the Kimberley before Deirdre and was living in a large 3 bedroom home by himself. E had been discussing over phone about getting a dog when Oscar turned up at school one day. Abandoned by his family he kept coming for food and water. On the third day, Scott decided to take him home. Over two years later he’s still here.

IMG_3321Oscar is perhaps the most expensive camp dog in the world. He developed fungal pneumonia at the end of the wet season in 2013. On deaths door in March 2014 Deirdre rushed him to the nearest vet, a mere 7 hours drive away (YES, 7 hours on wet season dirt roads). With a stay at the vets, a years worth of antibiotics and investigations he is a brand new dog. Fighting fit, bundles of energy, a twinkle in his eye and the grin of a Chesire Cat. He is making up for lost puppy time: jumping fences, chasing cows and general cheeky dog behavior.

IMG_3534Yoda’s origins we are not so sure of. He came to us via S.A.F.E (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) in Broome. Originally named Bolt he was given the name Yoda by his foster parent and it has stayed since. He is an absolute sook and a total smoocher. He loves nothing more than curling up on the couch or if he can get away with it, the bed. But, don’t think for a minute he is innocent. He is often the jumping fence instigator (even if there’s nothing there) and likes to roam around chasing utes and 4wds.

Since we’ve purchased the property we’ve spent many hours working out a fencing solution for Oscar and Yoda. We not yet set on anything but we know we need something that will protect native wild life whilst also giving Oscar and Yoda room to run around in. After all they are our furry children and have become such a part of life. We sure though become a feature throughout our off grid journey.